How To Participate

Want to participate? 

This is a blog hop for romance authors and the like. If you're a published author who writes, spanking romance, erotic tales, medieval romance, or even hot steamy steampunk novels, I encourage you to join Wip it up Wednesday. Starting July 23rd 2014, Wip it up will be open for newly published content as well as your Works in Progress.

1. To be included in the hop you MUST sign up, by clicking on the 'Click here to enter' link provided each week on this blogs home page. The New Link-up post will go up on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm (CST) and close the following Tuesdays at Midnight. All times are set to US/central time zone. (This is not when you blog post should go live. This is when the new signup post goes live each week for You. To sign-up. Your blog should be live by Midnight CST on the Wednesday indicated in the post.)
    a.The first space is the permalink to your blog for 'that weeks' post. For example: ' then the title of your post for that week. Do not change your title after you have singed up. Very important!) This is called a permalink and using it correctly will bring people to the page for your WIP post and not just the main, or most current page on your blog.
In blogger you can find your permalink right in your editor where you create your post. It on the right side column of the editor and says 'Permalink' ... open it>copy it>paste it  into the first line of the linky form.
Your link will still show up should you fail to use the permalink. However if someone see's a link to your WIP post a couple of weeks or a month later. They will not see your WIP post. They will see the most current posting you've recently put up on your blog. Then they will get frustrated because they won't see what they came to see unless they use your archive menu. (don't make them use your archive menu)
    b. The second space   is for your author name. Yup just your name. Easy right? 
    c. The third space is your e-mail address.Which is optional. It only shows on my Linky account and is good for when there are problems with someones link not showing up. Easy way for me to connect with you about it. ☺  

2. Posts can be of any length, but remember. Readers and fans may enjoy longer excerpts of your work while busy fellow authors like yourself may not have the time to read each blog. Please do not be offended if not all of the other participants comment on your blog.  
However, it is a common courtesy to at least visit each blog and share your fellow participants posts using their share buttons. 
I mean how hard can that be, right? You're already on their blog.

3. Please avoid the following in your posts: Rape for titilation (Dubious consent is okay) Incest, Pedophilia, Scat, and Snuff.

4.Your post must be live by 00:00 on Wednesday. No exceptions! If you miss the sign up... you miss the sign up.

5. At minimum we ask that you post a link back to this blog so that everyone can see all the participating links. It is preferred that you use the code to share the link-up on your blog, but we understand different platforms do not always allow or work well with java-script. 
How to use the code: It's as simple as copy and paste. One the page with the code, copy it. Go back to Your blog and paste it in your HTML editor (YOU MUST PASTE IN HTML MODE) at the end of your post. (Don't freak out when you click on your HTML and you see a bunch of stuff you don't understand. This is perfectly normal. Just go the very last line, which will look something like this </div> put your cursor behind the > and click enter. Then paste the code)

6. Please turn OFF your Captcha for this hop. More often than not readers will not leave comments if they have to fill out a form before doing so. Plus it's very annoying.

7. Please help spread the word by telling your friends on twitter and facebook about Wip it up Wednesday. The more you expose us the more exposure you get in return. Hint: Use the share buttons. 

Thank for your interest in Wip It Up. Please right click and save any of the provided graphics for use on your blog. Graphics will change from time to time so please check back occasionally for updated versions.


The Graphics below, although the same have been made smaller for use on your side bar should you choose to add one in support of Wip It Up.